Marta Gabassi

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"Associazione Guide turistiche Venezia"

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I was born and grew up in Venice, a unique city in the world. I took my degree in Spanish at the famous University of Ca’ Foscari. I spent some years in Spain and I love to travel, discover new countries and new cultures. I’m a Spanish teacher at an Institute for Tourism and I’m also an authorized guide, one of the most beautiful and interesting jobs: whoever wants to discover Venice, I make you know my city, her secrets and atmosphere.

Что я предлагаю
I'm three authorized professional guide, I love my city andI know it deeply, I'm suggesting a set of different itineraries from where you can choose to enter with me into the myth of Venice. Or you can decide a special one of your own, even the most proficient traveller would be impressed by something unexpected…

Мое образование, лицезии и сертификаты
I am a professional, authorized Spanish, English and Frenchspeaking guide in Venice, Italy.I started working as a professional guide in Spring 2000 after having passed a difficult examination.
I took my two degrees at Ca' Foscari University and I'm a teacher too.

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