Vienna is a city for everyone. It attracts the visitors by grand imperial palaces, bombastic baroque interiors, and various museums. Vienna is situated between the present and the past, showing the tourists all the aspects of its rich history. Be sure that the personal guides from PrivateGuide organize interesting excursion to the most dynamic urban space, as Vienna is usually characterized. It is impossible not to go to MuseumsQuartier, which houses some of the world’s most provocative contemporary art items. Then it is high time to visit nearby restaurants to enjoy the pleasures of wine and food. Local menu is rich and delightful. You should undoubtedly try perfectly executed schnitze...

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Marieta Teich2800AustriaAustriaWien

Servus in Wien! I am a licensed Tourist Guide in Vienna /Austria. I feel I must share my enthusi...

Hourly Rate: 78 USDDaily Rate: 420 USD

Has license: Yes

Walter SCHINDL2202AustriaAustriaWien

I’m a professional tor manager and local guide for 30 years, and still love it. Seeing the world ma...

Hourly Rate: 78 USDDaily Rate: 420 USD

Has license: Yes

Valerie Strassberg202AustriaAustriaWien

Hourly Rate: 76 USDDaily Rate: 420 USD

Gregor Freitag00AustriaAustriaWien

I'm friendly, social, easy to make friends with, adjustable, reliable, commited, resourcefull, knowl...

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 75 USD

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