Naples Old City Highlights Tour

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Naples Old City Highlights Tour


Maximum number of tourists: 10
Price per tour: 129 USD
Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 0 km
Tour by: pina esposito (Date: 23.10.2012)

Tour description

Naples is a Greek Colony
founded by some Greek settles
470 BC after they had completely defeated the
Etruscan fleet in the gulf of Naples.
It was called Neapolis - from that we have now Napoli/Naples
that means New City - in order to distinguish it
from the older colony of Parthenope
that had been founded close to the sea
(and that now corresponds with the panoramic district
of the bay we call Santa Lucia's district).
Already conquered by Romans 326 BC,
it will be in Roman time very famous both as residential
area and owing of its important
philolosophical and rethorical schools.
It will be the capital of an important Kingdom,
the one of Naples and Sicily - from Early Middle Age
until 1861, date of the unification of Italy.
I will show you also
the highlights of the old city,
of the Greco-Roman area
(so-called Spaccanapoli), Medieval
and Baroque areas
which have got
the most important
churches of Naples
and also the most
famous noble palaces,
the historical cafeterias
(where you can taste
the best Neapolitan
espresso and
the deliciuos pastries and gelato
of our ancient gastronomic tradition),
as well as the narrow alleys of
the Graeco-Roman city like the one
of Nativity scenes' shops
and so on.
I will show for instance
the following churches:
Santa Chiara,
splendid Gothic church
with a stunning Rococo
Majolica Cloister
and the
San Severo Chapel,
a misterious esoteric
chapel that houses a breathtaking
statue comparable
with the best works by Michelangelo,
such as the Veiled Christ
et cetera.

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