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Cristina Corrirossi142020ItalyItalyRome

Archaelogist, Tourist Guide, Art Lover, Photographer, Writer, Cooker, Eater, Drinker. Rometrotter.

Hourly Rate: 70 USDDaily Rate: 370 USD

Has license: Yes

Francesca Troilo9107ItalyItalyRome

Born and educated in Rome, I have a long-time experience in tourism. My passion is to share the marv...

Hourly Rate: 70 USDDaily Rate: 560 USD

Has license: Yes

Maria Rosaria Palmacci7709ItalyItalyRome

Your professional and passionate tour guide in Rome!

Hourly Rate: 70 USDDaily Rate: 500 USD

Has license: Yes

Fabio Pinelli3200ItalyItalyRome

Visit Rome with a professional licensed tour guide. 20 years experience of managing Art History tour...

Hourly Rate: 60 USDDaily Rate: 400 USD

Has license: Yes

Camilla Verdacchi2103ItalyItalyRome

I’m Camilla, your personal Guide of Rome. I am a licensed Tour Guide of Rome, this is my job but fi...

Hourly Rate: 80 USDDaily Rate: 500 USD

Dino Margiotta2101ItalyItalyRome

Hourly Rate: 80 USDDaily Rate: 500 USD

Marco Pontuali1801ItalyItalyRome

Buongiorno! A very warm welcome from me, Marco. I grew up in Rome, Italy, where I also studied and d...

Hourly Rate: 90 USDDaily Rate: 800 USD

Has license: Yes

Mirella Lunetta1702ItalyItalyRome

ITALIANO ESPANOL PORTUGUES ENGLISH it's ok for me!! If you are not interested to do a demanding t...

Hourly Rate: 55 USDDaily Rate: 220 USD

Has license: Yes

Mario  Montessori1303ItalyItalyRome

I am an official guide of Rome and, I have got quite a long experience in this sector, I have been w...

Hourly Rate: 70 USDDaily Rate: 500 USD

Sarah May  Grunwald1200ItalyItalyRome

I am very passionate about the wine, food and culture of Rome and all of Italy and I believe that fo...

Hourly Rate: 75 USDDaily Rate: 650 USD

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