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pina esposito261017ItalyItalyPositano

I’m a licensed tour guide in Campania and Graeco-Roman Archaeologist, Art Historian and Philologist....

Hourly Rate: 65 USDDaily Rate: 419 USD

Daniela Matera148011ItalyItalyTrani

Hourly Rate: 25 USDDaily Rate: 175 USD

Cristina Corrirossi142020ItalyItalyRome

Archaelogist, Tourist Guide, Art Lover, Photographer, Writer, Cooker, Eater, Drinker. Rometrotter.

Hourly Rate: 70 USDDaily Rate: 370 USD

Has license: Yes

Francesca Troilo9107ItalyItalyRome

Born and educated in Rome, I have a long-time experience in tourism. My passion is to share the marv...

Hourly Rate: 70 USDDaily Rate: 560 USD

Has license: Yes

Maria Rosaria Palmacci7709ItalyItalyRome

Your professional and passionate tour guide in Rome!

Hourly Rate: 70 USDDaily Rate: 500 USD

Has license: Yes

vito maurogiovanni6902ItalyItalyAlberobello

I love my job!!

Hourly Rate: 15 USDDaily Rate: 160 USD

Has license: Yes

Cristina Clavio5803ItalyItalyFlorence

Fully licensed and skilled tour guide in English, Spanish, French and Italian with more than 15 year...

Hourly Rate: 70 USDDaily Rate: 420 USD

Has license: Yes

Emiliano Tufano Pompeii4902ItalyItalyPompeii

My name is Emiliano Tufano, I was born in Pompeii, and I still live here where my family lives sice ...

Hourly Rate: 85 USDDaily Rate: 340 USD

Has license: Yes

Rossana Colombo4805ItalyItalyVenice

Leading my guests through the doors of my beloved City - introducing them into its secrets and wond...

Hourly Rate: 80 USDDaily Rate: 600 USD

Has license: Yes

Elisa Sonia Bruna3900ItalyItalyTorino

I am an entusiastic professional guide and i will be plased to show you the best sights and share my...

Hourly Rate: 80 USDDaily Rate: 400 USD

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