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lim yuki90019ChinaChinaGuangzhou City

i am hard-working, has the good team cooperation spirit, in a large number of job seekers, I may no...

Hourly Rate: 8 USDDaily Rate: 65 USD

Ma Weixuan61011ChinaChinaGuangzhou City

I am extroverted. I like dealing with foreign friends.

Hourly Rate: 8 USDDaily Rate: 64 USD

zhang huihong3909ChinaChinaGuangzhou City

Hello.My name is Rainbow.I graduated from university with a Bachelor's degree of Literature and work...

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 80 USD

Jingen liang3404ChinaChinaGuangzhou City

Leaving to Canada soon. IELTS 7.5, excellent English and nice. In 2010, I am the touring guide and a...

Hourly Rate: 8 USDDaily Rate: 60 USD

mila mila2702ChinaChinaGuangzhou City

i am a local person of guangdong,my hometown is foshan, so my mother tone is cantonese.otherwise,i c...

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 100 USD

julia zhu1402ChinaChinaGuangzhou City

I am a young, professional and energetic person. If you want to spend a happy day,I am the best guid...

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 80 USD

jessica lee13013ChinaChinaGuangzhou City

With sufficient ennergy, good charater and lovely smile,i believe i can o(≧v≦)o give a unforgettable...

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 60 USD

Huang  Limei1303ChinaChinaGuangzhou City

i am christina, i am freelancer, i worked as translator who help foreigners to purchase /inspect/shi...

Hourly Rate: 50 USDDaily Rate: 100 USD

Selena Zhao12012ChinaChinaGuangzhou City

Miss me,Miss surprise.This is licensed&private English speaking guide Selina

Daily Rate: 60 USD

Sharon Zou12012ChinaChinaGuangzhou City

I am a beautiful young lady who know clearly where is the best place to have fun. I\'d like to s...

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 50 USD

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