“Loved experiencing Rome with a guide”

Our family of four, which included two teenage boys, contacted Fabio Pinelli at to help us navigate ancient Rome and the Vatican Museum. He responded promptly and was very helpful in helping us secure the appropriate tickets before arriving in Rome. We met with him for 3 hours two different days. He is extremely professional and highly knowledgeable about Rome's ancient and current history. There was so much information to absorb and he helped make it as manageable as possible. Having him with us in the Vatican made the whole experience so much more pleasant in what could be a crowded and overwhelming place. The information on the artwork and their background was amazing. He also pointed out some other sightseeing possibilities in Rome and beyond. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a thorough experience of Rome's beautiful art and history. We wish we could've stayed longer!fourfosters
Bay Area, California

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