Downhill Cycling Tours

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Downhill Cycling Tours

IndonesiaIndonesiaDenpasar Bali

Maximum number of tourists: 90
Price per tour: 80 USD
Duration: 5 hours
Distance: 12 km
Tour by: Agung Kesuma (Date: 20.03.2013)

Tour description

Our cycling tour will be started from Bayung village, a downhill areas near Kintamani, which about 50 km from denpasar, and 90 km from Nusa dua, famous kintamani very beautiful landscape of mount and lake Batur which is one the objects as an attractive tourism in Bali
We will pick up you from the hotel to the place of our cycling in Kintamani. While on the trip , you will pass the emerald green and yellow color rice field view and the Balinese farmer, seeing how they cultivate their land by using the traditional method.

Before we reach Kintamani, we’re visit Kayuamba village, a place that well known as the beauty of coffe plantation, by seeing the places of making Balinese coffe, learn about tropical pruits, spices, and sample a varieties of teas and coffe including the option to try the famous and unusual luwak coffe , spices grown at the plantation are used the teas and coffe to create a taste unique of Bali.
Cycle into the countryside, get away from the hectic face of Kuta and admire the beauty of Bali is mountain, hills, and valleys. Enjoy the coolness of whether while see the Balinese childrens smile and greet you by saying “ haloo …….
You will feel relax and confertable in this village, becauseit’s surrounded by fresh air and very green scenic. On this tour, our guide will glad to provide a clear explaination about the local areas have visited.
A special cycling tour of adventure in Bali. You can get a new experience, exercise, and fun during the bike riding , you can stop whenever you choose to take foto or visit local people. To our guest can be stop at one of Balinese house to find out what’s the Balinese house compound looks like. See the Balinese woman prepared in making beautiful offering to the family temple. They also keep animals like : cooks, pig, and duck as their daily life activities.
After doing a half trip, we also offer you a nice coffe break at local café in countryside which called Callo village where you can enjoy the coffe or tea complete with the Balinese cake and sweets which have different taste.
Then, we will countinue the cycling to the southern part of the viilage to explore more the exotic local areas. The interior cycling so exiting, with stunning view, and very nice insight into Balinese culture and way of Balinese people. Our many point interest are made along the way, give you the opportunity to view subak, porest, temple, and plantation we can see surrounding the trip.
The end of our cycling, our restaurant will serve you a lunch to finishing your trip, by enjoy the traditional Balinese food in a tranquil and relaxing place with the unique design and surrounded by the green of rice paddies. Thank you for join with our cycling tour . we will give you the best experience in hearth of bali.

Our service Included :
- Air conditioned car transfer
- Mountain bike, safety helmet
- Professional guide speaking: English, Japanese, and Spanish
- Mineral water
- Fresh towel
- Coffe Break
- Lunch in rice paddy restaurant

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