Some tips for your good trip)

Time Management
-The most important thing to do - is to plan everything carefully. As my experience shows - do not start planning with air tickets. Start with visa! The most time-consuming part of your trip - to get Russian visa.
-Plan the season of the year. The most beautiful and attractive time for St Petersburg -period from May to September. Season of the White Nights. But this time also is the most expensive (accomodation, tickets) and the most crowded for the museums. If you want to enjoy museums and suburbs in a relaxed way- come in a low season (October - April)- prices are low, museums - empty.
-Plan the schedule for your trip. Book tours in advance.
Don't overload your trip trying to pack everything in. You will end up seeing nothing at all. Try to select three attractions maximum to get the best value from your day.
-Don’t forget about time difference - sleep well on plane, train and in the hotel - and change your time in the watch, or I will wake you up tenderly by call))).
Security management
-Do not drink water from the tap - it is not good
-Leave your passport in the hotel - you won’t need it in the city
-Be careful with street vendors - they will offer low price, but after your purchase you can loose you wallet.
-It is cheaper and more secure to order the taxi in advance. The taxi from the street can be too expensive and not safe.

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