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Herculaneum Tour


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Herculaneum is one of the best preserved
Roman archaeological sites in the world:
it's originally one of the Greek colonies
of Southern Italy (so-called Magna Graecia)
founded in the 5th century BC
that at the end will be conquered by the Roman troops
sent by the Dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla
(89 BC).
In its Roman phase Herculaneum will become one of the
most exclusive resorts of Mediterranean area
where the most illustrious citizens of Rome
loved having a second home, i.e. a villa for vacations.
This famous residential town will be completely covered
with 80 up to 100 feet of mud and lava
on August 24th AD during the first and most violent
eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.
It will remain under these volcanic materials
for 17 centuries about, in fact the first archaeological
explorations (done originally by undergound tunnels)
are ordered by the Spanish Boubon King Charles III
(King of Naples and Sicily) only 1738.
In the archaeological site of
Herculaneum I can explain you
the most important houses,
shops, baths, public buildings, temples
villas and the inner artefacts
(mosaics, frescoes, stuccoed
decorations, graffiti, inscriptions
and so on)
as well as the daily life
of the ancient Romans
at the time of the
eruption which buried this
Vesuvian town.
Even if this site is smaller than Pompeii
it's very interesting to visit
because of its gorgeous villas and shops
which are in an extraordinarily
good state of preservation,
in fact they still show
the 2nd and sometimes even
the 3rd floor
and the original wooden
furniture such as balconies, steps,
folding gates, partitions, sliding doors,
laundry presses and so on,
items one can not see in Pompeii
because Herculaneum was buried by mud
(and not by ashes like Pompeii)
and mud protected perfectly
the wooden furniture inside the private houses
and shops and their upper floors.

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